Consultations & Fee Structure


I am happy and excited to give you my time and share my knowledge with you to help you on your journey.  However, because I spend quite a bit of time ‘behind the scenes’ working on ways to help you, I ask that only those who are truly committed (and this often means up to a year) contact me.  If this is too big of a commitment, I understand and I would be happy to recommend others who might help you.

An Initial Consultation

What to Expect.  Unlike your physician who may see you for five-ten minutes, my goal is to get to know you as a person, not just write down your symptoms and have you leave with a prescription.  My goal is also to really listen to you because it is only by really listening to you and that I am able to  understand what might be troubling you.   Initial appointments generally run about an  hour, sometimes longer.

What to do before your consultation.  Please fill out all paperwork in advance and send it back as soon as you can (preferably by email).  Also, please email any lab work.  For those whom I am not seeing personally, please take a good picture of your tongue and send it to me.  Please do not eat or drink any coffee or anything that could discolor the tongue 1/2 hour before taking the picture.

Fee Structure

Fess are as follows but please note:  I try to keep my rates as reasonable as possible so I can serve everyone so I cannot discount my fees.  I can, however, put in place a payment plan if this helps.  However, if you wish to study on your own, I have provided a long list of free material on my resource page.

  • Initial Consultation         $85
  • Creation of personal plan $40 – $60
  • Follow up appointments ($35 up to 15 minutes, $65 up to 30 minutes
  • Email/phone consult longer than 5 minutes                                                           $10+

Acute issue consultation

Once I’ve seen you, you can come back or call for acute issues that arise (the flu, bronchitis, etc.).  The rates for this are noted above.  I must have seen you for an initial assessment before recommending anything for acute issues.

The first follow-up visit.

The first follow-up visit ideally should be within a week. This is where we sit down and I give you my thoughts as to what I think would best serve you and we work together to set up a plan that works for you so that you feel empowered to begin your journey of healing. I spend no less than two hours putting together a report of findings for you which is included in the follow up fee.  All plans are different and there is not preset time frame for your journey to healing; but a rule of thumb for chronic issues is: one month for every year that you’ve had the issue.

Recommendations.  I will create a protocol or list of recommendations just for you.  It will include nutrition as well as life style ideas. It may also include supplement recommendations.  I used Standard Process/Mediherb in my practice and sometimes Metagenics.  For other supplements that may be needed, I will make recommendations as to what to purchase and where to purchase them.  I may also recommend certain homeopathic medicines or herbal medicines.


Due to the high cost of credit cards, we are unable to accept them.  We accept checks and checks can be made out to: Providence Health & Healing.  Please mail the check to PO Box 472, Nassau, DE  19969.  First payment must be made before initial consultation.  We also use venmo @Jayne-Tamburello.

If you have any questions, please email me at

Thanks and good health to you!

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