About Jayne

I originally started my life as someone who dabbled in nutrition, herbs and supplements but my “real” job was analyzing health care companies for a Wall Street Firm.  The more I studied drug companies, the more I realized that using nature and nurture, were by far the best strategies for staying healthy and for helping people regain their “vital force”.

So, in 2007, I went back to graduate school: Maryland University of Integrative Health (formerly known as Tai Sophia), and received a Master’s Degree in Herbal Medicine.  Given the program’s extensive course work in nutrition and three years of my practicing as a holistic practitioner, I was allowed to sit for (and passed) the American College of Nutrition examination for the Certified Nutritionist designation (CNS).  I then went on to get my license as a nutritionist/dietitian (LDN) as well as my certification in clinical homoeopathy (CEDH).  After ten years of practicing I received my designation as a registered herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild (RH/AHG).

My philosophy is that, we as holistic practitioners, are here to support the “vital force” which exists in every sentient being.  Taking pharmaceuticals is often necessary and that whatever is best for the patient, is what I strive for, rather than to be dogmatic in my thinking that only plants will do.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I will you the best of health.  Jayne Tamburello



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