Love Potion #9

With Valentines’ day right around the corner, I couldn’t help remembering when I made a love potion for myself.  In need of some good energy, I created this potion.  The day I took it was the day I met Eugene — and we’ve been together ever since. ….just saying….  🙂

 “Love Potion #9”

Tincture or tea

  • 4 parts Hawthorn leaf or berry
  • 3 parts Rose petals or rose hips (Galen’s Way makes a great Rose glycerite)
  • 1 part Agrimony
  • 1 part Tilia

Hawthorn (Crataegus)  (Rosaceae family)

Hawthorn has been used for the emotional as well as physical heart for centuries.  The tree/shrub has thorns protecting its berries as we have “thorns” as a ways of protecting our heart.

Rose (Rosaceae family)

Rose petals or rose hips can be used in your tea or tincture—the petals if you’re younger, the rose hips if you’re more “mature” says the wise-women of old–and love will be yours.

Agrimony (Agrimonia eupatoria) (Rosaceae family)

In the study of Flower Essences, agrimony is said to be good for those whose smile hides a broken heart.  It was also planted around the house to prevent meddling and interference and taken internally to help relieve tension.

Linden flower or Tilia (Tilia europaea) (Tilaceae family).  Often used in children’s formulas, it is said to help calm the shen or the spirit allowing us to be more open and relaxed.

Of course there are many great herbs such as rosemary, motherwort and holy basil, so have fun creating your own love potion!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Jayne

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