January 1st–Not the time to start that New Year’s Diet!

Another year has gone by, and another resolution made to lose those extra pounds.  But did you know that our bodies are hard-wired not to lose weight in the winter?  This is because our ancestors would often starve to death in the winter due to a lack of food.  So, because winter was the time of scarcity, our bodies adapted to it by making it more difficult to lose weight.  So when many people try to lose those extra pounds in January they become very discouraged.  But don’t, because there is something you can do!

1. Cut out all foods with sugar or corn syrup in it.  Getting rid of sugar will really benefit your body and make weight loss that much easier come late spring/summer.

2. Double up on your vegetables.  They will fill you up without filling you up on calories.  Plus they are packed with nutrition.  Soups are especially nutritious with out being calorie dense.

3. Work-out.  Good cardio and weight bearing exercises will help you maintain muscle which makes losing weight easier when the time is right.

4. Drink plenty of fluids.  Winter is the season of water/ice and of the kidney.  So drink plenty of fluids to stay well hydrated.

Happy New Year to everyone!  Jayne

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